Welcome to the Fabled Lands wiki, a wikia page devoted to the Fabled Lands (aka Quest) game book series published by Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson. If you've never played the series, you may want to consider looking around the web for a PDF, purchase the iphone app, playing the free Java version of the books, OR go to Amazon and purchase the game books in their most recent reprinting (going at a rate of $8.99 per book).

The series was initially planned to be 12 books, however due to the drop out of the game book market during the mid-late 1990s only the initial 6 books in the series were published. Recently author Dave Morris commented that if the new reprinting of the series manages to sell 10,000 copies of each book, the publisher will greenlight production of books 7-12.

In addition to the game book these other items were released in the same setting:

A Fabled Lands Role Playing Game based on the original game books was written by Shane Garvey and Jamie Wallis of Greywood Publishing. The RPG rules are based on the original rules of the game books but have been expanded to accommodate an adventuring party rather than a solo player and a role playing experience rather than a game book. Sokara -The War Torn Kingdom was the only supplement out of 12 planned released for it.  A French version of the Role Playing game was made available from Megara Entertainment along with an free campaign for it it in English by Richard S. Hetley set in Sokara.  A free Pathfinder conversion of the campaign was done by Jeff Swank. Dave Morris wrote an a scenario for it called By Her Gait which appeared as blog entry on the Fabled Lands Blog.

The English version and the only supplement can be gotten in PDF format on separately or as part of a Fabled Lands bundles and the French version can still be ordered from Megara Entertainment.

Art of the Fabled Lands by David Walter was published by Megara Entertainment in 2011.

Tales of the Fabled Lands a card game by Jamie Thomson with art by Megara Entertainment. based on the series was released by Greywood Publishing.  It is still available in PDF format for purchase on separately or as part of a Fabled Lands bundles.

The Heart of Harkun a 6 part BBC audio drama by Peter Thomson and  Jamie Thomson was done in 1991 that takes place in the same setting as the game book series. A comic adaptation that is to be 12 issues was being done by Jamie Thomson and Russ Nicholson.

The audio drama can be listen to for free online Spark Furnace and on BBC iPlayer Radio. Rough version of the first two comic issues were released for free download at Lulu and on the Fabled Lands Blog.

The Keep of the Lich Lord (Fabled Lands Quests) (Volume 1) by Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson was released in 2014. This game book was originally released years earlier as part of the Fighting Fantasy series and  was edited to set in in the Fabled Lands setting and use the same game rules as in the Fabled Lands game books and remove it from the Fighting Fantasy setting and not use the Fighting Fantasy game book system with the 2014 release.  It is available on Amazon and in a delux version from Megara Entertainment. Megara also made an app based version of it.

The Lost Prince: Tales of the Fabled Lands by Jamie Thomson a novel in the same setting as the series as the books was released in 2012 and can be gotten on Amazon.

Information Edit

Books in the Series
Book Title Region Inspiration Notes
1 The War-Torn Kingdom Sokara Medieval Europe-ish meets the English Civil War Rebellion in the war-torn kingdom of Sokara.
2 Cities of Gold and Glory Golnir Medieval Europe-ish Adventure in the idle farmlands of Golnir.
3 Over the Blood Dark Sea The Violet Ocean Early Shipping Days Life at sea in the Violet Ocean.
4 The Plains of Howling Darkness The Great Steppes American Plains Indians meet the frozen steppes of Asia. Adventure on the icy Great Steppes.
5 The Court of Hidden Faces Uttaku Ottoman Empire Intrigue and subterfuge among the Uttakin nobility.
6 Lords of the Rising Sun Akatsurai Japan An ancient feudal society to the far east.
7 The Serpent King's Domain Ankon-Konu The Amazon This book is currently in editing.
8 The Lone and Level Sands The Desert of Bones Middle East/Arabian Nights/North Africa
This book has not yet been released - and possibly never will be.
9 The Isle of a Thousand Spires Chrysoprais Ancient India
This book has not yet been released - and possibly never will be.
10 Legions of the Labyrinth Atticala Ancient Greece
This book has not yet been released - and possibly never will be.
11 The City in the Clouds Dangor China
This book has not yet been released - and possibly never will be.
12 Into the Underworld The Underworld Hell
This book has not yet been released - and possibly never will be.